3 W orange laser based on fiber Raman laser

We obtained 1.1 W 589nm orange laser yesterday by an approach of fiber Raman amplifier and external frequency doubling. It is only a brief test, so we are rather confidence to scale the power to over 2W in next tryments. The laser is linear polarized and the linewidth is below 2GHz, which is good for laser guide star application. Compared to what I had done one and half years ago, it is a big improvement.

1 W level compact orange laser has big market already. We are thinking of the potential to scale up to >10W. The only obstacle seems to be the nonlinear crystal.

19/08/05 update: I was too optimistic. We could get up to 1.6W only. Many problem with the crystals.

23/08/05 update: We get 2.9W now, with efficiency ~23%.

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