The Wendelstein laser guide star

The Wendelstein laser guid star
Credit: ESO

When the ESO people were testing their 20 W yellow guide star laser at Wendelstein Observatory, an intense summer thunderstorm approached.

ESO issued a webcast for this: How To Stop a Star’s Twinkle

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not receiving emails

Before I left ESO, I asked helpdesk forwarding my @eso email to a private address. I had checked carefully about the email policy. The emails should keep forwarding for one year after my leave. But a few days ago, I finally realized that the email forwarding was not working at all since April 1, after being noticed by two friends that they had sent emails to me but received no replies.

So if you want to contact me, please email to yanfeng at has been disabled

I hope I haven’t missed any important messages.

Of course, I sent a request to But they said the policy has been changed, the email account would be locked three months after a personnel leaves.

That is really unusual, the sudden change of policy, and the ultra-short buffer time for email switching as well. As I know, many institutes keep email addresses for past employees and students.

Even more unfortunately, I had used the ESO email address in all of my publications. So I am not reachable at all when any readers find my papers interesting.